Please note that all cycles are subject to change.

We are constantly working on improving our cycles in order for you to achieve greater results. In this regards, please make sure to save the dosage schedule from cycle’s description page after placing an order.

Is it possible to order products online?

Surely. It is the most convenient way..

Why is it the most convenient way?

It discreet, safe and easy. Our customer service allow you to place orders online and get them in shortest possible time. In addition, we offer you very affordable prices that you never find on domestic market or at the gym.

What about online scam?

We making business not scams. We are being advertised on all main forums, customer testimonials, etc. We have very high percentage of recurring orders. We provide only pharma grade legit gear. It means that our gear manufactured at major pharmaceutical factories according to the safety standards for drug production. Many customers who bought from us the first time become our loyal customers.

How can I place an order?

We have a very easy checkout system as 1-2-3

You browse our catalog and add to cart the gear you would like to buy by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button.

In your cart you click CHEKOUT, then fill in you details and press “PLACE ORDER NOW” button. After that you’ll get payment instructions by email.

Once you sent your payment, tell us the confirmation code for payment clearance and we will ship your order ASAP.

That’s it – Easy. Discreet, Safe

*if you chose to pay with Bitcoins we’ll start to handle your order immediately.

What shipping options are available?

We ship all orders with the registered air mail. It is the best way we experienced.

How can I view my order?

You can view your order by entering MY ACCOUNT at the top of the page and the accessing ORDER HISTORY.

How can I select a payment method?

You will have the opportunity to select the payment method after clicking CHECKOUT. You will have to choose between 3 payment methods – Bitcoin and others (ask support). Be attentive while writing the names and account numbers in order to avoid any delays or mistake in your order processing.

Please note that the most easy and fast payment method is Bitcoin. When you pay with Bitcoin we start to handle your order immediately.

If I choose WU or MG is ID necessary for payment?

ID is necessary only when you are placing an order over $1000 USD. But you always can split your payment in several parts.

How do I send cash?

Just visit one of the offices personally and send cash (to find the nearest office to you check their website ) and tell them any name you use. Don’t forget that if you send more than $1000 USD a confirmation of ID will be required. If you can’t provide your name with an ID, you will have to split your order into several parcels. All of the sender’s data, including MTCN will be on your receipt, so don’t forget to save it.

Whom do I send money to?

steroid-factory.com will provide you with an exact name to transfer money to. Don’t forget that the payment should be sent in USD.

Is it possible to contact steroid-factory.com about pending orders?

You can contact us regarding YOUR ORDER STATUS, TRACKING or SENDING CONFIRMATION only by email.

How fast steroid-factory.com ships products?

Usually we ship products within 1-3 business days after payment clearance. For payment clearance we need around 1-2 business days.

When will my order arrive?

The general delivery time frame to USA is 1-3 working days from the moment we ship the order, because the items are sorted in several parcels in padded bags from several countries. We can assure you that all parcels are sent with maximum wariness and are prepared carefully and attentively in order to minimize package size. Some time due to postage, orders can be delayed up to 13-15 working days.

Does AIRMAIL SHIPPING require signature?

Signature is reguired for this type of shipping.

When are airmail parcels usually delivered?

Approximately 60 percent of airmail parcels arrive in 2 days term, 20-30 percent will arrive in 4-7 days and the rest will be delivered within 8-10 working days.

What happens if a parcel doesn’t arrive or is seized?

If a parcel doesn’t arrive we will resend your order without any problem. To do this we need to get a copy of seizure letter from you.

Please note! We don’t have resend policy for following countries:

Italy, Pakistan, Egypt

What is preferable to use, my home address or P. O. Box?

It is better to use a home address because PO BOX can attract more attention than home address. If you don’t have it you can rent a Personal Mailbox. In this case the address on the letter will be similar with a home address or you can rent a P.O. BOX.

What size should my P. O. Box be?

If you have a big postal box it will be possible for you to collect your packages at night when other P. O. Box Store are closed. When your box is too small for the parcel delivered, the store usually calls you to inform about the parcel arrival and leavea claim slip in the box. So it’s impossible to use a small box like a big one, after hours.

When should I feel worried if my parcel hasn’t come yet?

Please wait at least 15 working days (without weekends) from the moment your order was shipped.

Does the US always inform when a parcel is confiscated?

Practically always, but it happens that it can take a longer period of time to receive a letter from custom. But nevertheless for clients that do not get a letter we have various ways to check if parcel wasn’t received so be sure you won’t remain unpleased.

What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum sum is 100 USD plus shipping costs.

What happens if I don’t take the parcel?

We don’t receive the parcels that are sent back because the return address isn’t real. So we can’t send you the parcels again. Please take the parcels in time or they will be returned and lost.

What happens if the products are damaged while shipping?

If you find some damaged products or some items you have ordered are absent please photograph your order and send the pictures by email. Only the parcels that look real before opening and removing from original package. If the items are unwrapped pictures will not be considered real so provide us as much evidence as possible to persuade us to reship your order.

Before it was available (Product Name) for sale by steroid-factory.com. Now it is out of stock. What’s the matter?

We don’t have this item now available. Or it is discontinued. Please write us email so we will find out if it will be available soon.

Why don’t I get any answers to my emails?

Please check your SPAM folder. Sometimes your mail carrier can deliver emails to SPAM folder.

AOL users: We get your letters but our letters don’t reach your accounts. We kindly ask you to create a new email account and contact us. In your letter mention please the number of your order or your AOL account in order to understand who you are.

YAHOO Users: Some of our letters get into your spam folder. You should check your spam folder and mark our emails with ‘THIS IS NOT SPAM’ This will solve the problem forevermore. The same thing can happen to other email providers so we advise you to check your spam folder if you don’t receive our answers.

In case you get something wrong

We take all necessary measures in place to ensure all orders are successful and correct. Despite our best efforts, the occasional packaging errors happen. If this has happened to you, please accept our most sincere apologies. In order to investigate the problem with incorrect item received, we require you to take a picture of it and email us at info@steroid-factory.com. Please make sure to include your order number and indicate what item is missing/incorrect. NOTE: All claims are to be submitted within 10 days from  delivery date in written form to our e-mail address info@steroid-factory.com. All claims received after 10 days are subject to approval for further investigation. Customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority, so we’ll do our best to resolve the issue in a fast and friendly manner. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat with any questions or concerns you may have.

Minimum order amount is $200.00